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⚠Is Flashing Funds Into A Bank Account Possible?

Someone asked again is flashing funds into a bank account possible? If yes, how can it be done.
Before I get started explaining if flashing funds into a bank account really exists, do you know that someone can withdraw money from your bank account using just your BVN digits?
Are you aware that there are many OTP bypass softwares such as Xcaret100 which makes it possible to transfer or shop online with your card without needing OTP or card pin?
Why then do you think sending fake bank alerts is not possible when it’s supposed to be the easiest bank hack among all.
There are many ways to send fake bank alerts. Some people use the Bulk Sms method but it’s not secured as it comes with too many risk. The most reliable option is using Flash Funds.

Flashing funds into a bank Account Using Flash Funds

When it comes to bank hacking, you don’t just use any software you see even though it has been confirmed working. The app being active and working is never the end but the ability for the app to mask your identity for security reasons is what we need most.
Flash Funds 8.0 Is a universal fake alert sending software which you can use to send fake bank alert to any bank account.
With the latest version of flash funds, you can easily set your credit and debit alert details separately, you can hide your current location, but you cannot withdraw the flashed money or transfer it to another bank.
If You are searching for the best software for flashing funds into a bank account, you should consider using flash funds. There’s no fake alert software better than it.


⚠How To Transfer Money From Someone Account Using BVN Only

Before now, We’ve discussed so many Bank hacking apps such as Xcaret100 for anonymous transfers without Otp verification, Flash Funds for Fake Bank alerts and others. I’ve also talked about Cardro Pro for transferring Money with Just BVN so i still want to enlighten you more on how it functions as more clients keep asking how to transfer money from someone account using bvn only.
Withdrawing money from people’s accounts using BVN is becoming the new hack as most bank users now focus in securing their ATM details undermining other details like the BVN.
If ATM is the only means to hack your Bank, why then does the banks advise not to disclose your BVN details to anyone even your closest folks.?
Have anyone ever Called You asking for your BVN with the claims they are from the bank, But later you discovered they are not real bank customer cares? That’s one good way through which scammers get BVN for hacking and anonymous transfers.

How To Get Clients BVN easily

Before you get set to hack to transfer money from someone account using bvn only, it means you must be in possession of the BVN even if you don’t have other details relating to the victims bank account.
There are many ways through which You can get clients BVN but let’s discuss the easiest and fastest means which anyone can easily explore.

  • Partner Bank Officials:

    It’s no longer a new thing that most bankers give out details if only they can get commission worth it. With thus, you can get any bank details you want easily without stress.
    You both agree on commissions they will get on every successful deal. They will supply you with as many BVN as you desire while you give them their commission.

  • Call Your Clients:

    Here, You pretend to be bank official. You call them asking for their account details in expense to help them solve one problem or the other.
    After getting the needful details, you are good to go. To make this look more real, we use some girls “We just pay them to help us attend to calls” because it’s easy to convince clients when they hear female voice than otherwise. Always be smart not to use anyone who’s not into street (You might cause doom to your business).
    Don’t use legit phone numbers registered in your details. You can register some New lines with Fake details all for this purpose.

  • Use USSD Code:

    With this method, you need to get hold of their phones then dial *565*0# and you will get their BVN number as Sms. Once you are done copying the bank verification number, you can then delete it from their message box.
    Before this method can work out successfully, Their bank account must be linked with the phone number through which you Dialed the above code otherwise it won’t work.

How To Transfer Money From Someone Account Using BVN Only

There are many softwares through which one can withdraw using BVN only. But the most important thing about deals like this is security. Like I always say, I do care more about safety no matter how much is involved in the deal because once you get caught, it’s all over for you.
In this post, I will be sharing with you the best and most reliable software to use anytime you want to withdraw from anyones account using only BVN. But so sad, software aren’t free.
Most of these softwares originally are not Cheap because of the functions. Can you imagine purchasing just a bank hacking software for as high as $2,500. These same softwares are what we come here to resell cheap so everyone can afford and yet many still say they are costly forgetting how much they can earn when sold to others in need. (this time, not even the deals they are going to use them for). Anyway let’s keep that aside for now and get to business.
There’s no way you can search for how to transfer money from someone account using bvn only without coming in contact with Cardro Pro V6 because there’s no BVN hack software better than it in terms of effectiveness and safety.
With Cardro Pro V6 , You can withdraw from Any Bank using BVN only.

Cardro Pro V6 Download – Transfer Money From Someone Account Using BVN Only

Cardro cost 115$ (one time and activation and software is sharable) Work on both PC and android devices. (Apk).

  • Check how much in any credit/debit card
  • Carding
  • FlashFunds
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • No hidden charges!
  • No Activation
  • 5% commission on all Transactions
  • Inbuilt VPN
  • Powerful Trojan
  • No Traces!

Do you want to Buy Cardro software and activation Key for transferring money with just BVN? Kindly contact us now.


⚠ Does Cash App Work In Nigeria

Do You work online but still searching for the best method to get paid from overseas?, Are you a Yahoo Boy who pick Huge Funds regularly But have no means of collecting your Funds without Trace?, Do you have siblings abroad who are willing to send you money easily with less or no charges? Then Cashapp is the best Option.

Ever since the launch of the new and Most trending payment processor “Cash App”, There have been so many questions from Nigerians such as:

  • Can You use Cash App In Nigeria
  • can cash app send money to nigeria
  • Does Cash App Work in Nigeria and other unsupported countries

All these questions is just to learn the fact if Cash App truly work in Nigeria or not. In this post, we shall be discussing in detail if cash app works in Nigeria or not.

You might not be concerned about this if you don’t receive international payments. But if you are the type that most of your Money comes from abroad then you will be curious to know the best methods through which One Can get paid from overseas easily.

What Is Cash App and How Does Cash App work

Cash App is one of the Most recent but trending payment processor which allows You to send and receive payments with just Few clicks.

With Cash app, You Can add Your Card details and fund wallet using card, Bitcoin Money or Bank directly, You can withdraw your Money directly to any USA bank or Bitcoin wallet and you can also send instant payments to other Cash app users.

This Payment process is the best PayPal alternative as it makes it easy for international transactions. But the problem is “Cashapp Don’t support many countries for now” so getting a verified account with them is like passing through the window” Am sure you understand that very well.

Just incase you are wondering what are the Cash app supported countries. Here are they!

Cash App Support Countries

Am very sure you are expecting some very long list of various countries just like when listing PayPal supported countries but so sad, Cash App only supports UK and USA officially.  – 

I understand You are still interested to know how other unsupported countries manage in using The System right?

Let’s discuss that but before then, let me quickly answer your question.

Does Cash App Work In Nigeria?

The above writeup made it clear that Cash app Don’t work in Nigeria for those who are still searching to know if cash app works in Nigeria. However, this does not really mean that people in nigeria can’t use cash app.

Let’s discuss that so you can clearly understand and also learn how people from unsupported countries uses Cash app in sending and receiving money online without issues.

How to Use Cash App From Non Supported Countries

The Most Challenging Part is Getting the account verified because when it comes to creating Cash app account, VPN services Got you covered.

You can use any VPN in making cash app account and it will open without issues but after signing up an account, How then will you verify your details which are currently under pretence and impersonation.? That’s the most challenging part and the reason why many people can’t use cash app from Nigeria and other unsupported countries.

You’ve Got Just Two Options Here When it comes to getting Your account verified. You can follow this Guide to open an account. but below are some steps you should consider for the verification.

  • Colide with some International Friends:

    This entails you having some close friends in US or UK who can give out their details for verification. All you need is make your account using your personal information then use their ID for the verification..

  • Buy Stealth Documents Online:

    Buy the necessary Documents Online and use them for your ID certification. This might cost you more money because buying stealth documents aren’t cheap unless you want to get the quack ones which are likely to get rejected and declined by cashapp.

  • Buy Verified Cash App Account

    : The surest way is buying verified Account. I think this is cheap, better and stress free because only the seller does the whole job and also submit details when done.

    The only challenge is getting the real sellers. But never worry because we got some for you. You can check out Paypalexchanger Services and Hackbanks here to Buy Your verified Cash App account with Ease. They are both legit sellers with different prices. You can checkout anyone best for you or search Google for others at your disposal.

Additionally, If You are Good in making fake documents that looks real, You can just make things up yourself and use it for the verification. But do well to read and understand the verification criterias so you won’t miss it out.

  • When they say Photo ID, It can be driving license, International passport, Work ID etc
  • Make sure You snap and scan your ID properly before submitting to cashapp, They are very sensitive
  • In the Verification process, you will be ask to provide your phone number – You can get some virtual numbers online
  • Remember Your Social Security number is very important as they will surely ask for it
  • Be rest and sure if you Can provide all the necessary details required by cashapp correctly, your account limit will be lifted.

How to withdraw From Cash App in Nigeria

Once your Cash app account is verified, You don’t need to worry about the withdrawal since every verified Cash app account can withdraw through Bitcoin.

With the Cashapp Bitcoin withdrawal method, You can get your Funds out easily irrespective of your location worldwide.

Cash App Transaction Limit

A verified Cash App account can receive unlimited funds daily, weekly or monthly but can only withdraw $2,500 Per Week (for Bitcoin withdrawal).

But for Bank withdrawal, You can withdraw as far as $25,000 Weekly.

For the Bitcoin withdrawal, You will Get getting monthly limit of 2,500 X 4 which is $10K. Am sure that’s enough for any average human (though it all depends on your incomes. But if you intend trading above that using same account then you will have to face whatever comes out of it.)

Please We Need You to Share this Post to reach more people out there who want to learn if Cash app Works in Nigeria and also How to Open Verified Cash app account from Nigeria and other non supported countries with ease.


⚠How To Buy Bitcoin With Bank Transfer

Beside the fact that most people ask for how to buy bitcoins with credit card instantly without identity verification, others do come asking if there’s any possibility to buy bitcoin with bank transfer in Nigeria knowing well that almost all the top Bitcoin exchange websites such as Paxful, Coinbase, Coinmama and the likes ask for identity verification before you can be allowed to trade Bitcoin.

This Identity Verification is something very irritating because it’s not automated. This means, You will have to Wait for hours even after submitting Your Required documents. Beside that, not all who want to Buy Bitcoin have The required ID to verify their account. This will make it impossible for such classes.

There’s nothing easier and better than just accessing your account and purchasing Bitcoin with your Card or even Bank Transfer without identity verification.

For those of you searching for How to Buy Bitcoin with Bank transfer in Nigeria, this Post will be of great help as we shall be discussing the smartest, fastest and most reliable method to Buy Bitcoin with bank transfer in Nigeria. Not just bank transfers but you can also pay through various other methods such as Paystack, bank deposits, etc

Let me quickly Show You How to Buy bitcoin with Bank Transfer in Nigeria and also how to buy bitcoin with Credit Cards even with ID verified.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Bank Transfer

InstantGold.Ng is a Bitcoin and other digital currency exchanger running since 2007. They Buy and sell digital currencies including Bitcoin at affordable rate.

You can Either Purchase Bitcoin directly from their website or meet them in person to buy from their office in Lagos and Ibadan with the below address.

To get Started Selling or Buying BTC through their website, Simply register an account with Instantgold.Ng Filling the registration form correctly.

After Registration, Login Your Account using your email and password during sign up.

Having Logged in Your account, From the right hand side menu, click On My Bank & E-Currency .

After that, Fill in Your bank name, bank account number and also the Bitcoin address you want to Buy the funds with and save your settings.

Having Done that, You can Now click on Buy E-Currency from the right side menu.

Fill In The amount You want to Buy, ✅ tick Bitcoin and Select your payment method as bank transfer, Paystack or other means of payment on the list.

Then You can Now proceed with Your payment. Once your payment is successful, The amount purchased will be credited to the provided Bitcoin address.

If You encounter any difficulties during this process, You can Visit their office or contact them on what’sapp.
Another method through which you can Buy instant Bitcoin with credit or debit cards is Luno.
Luno is a popular and Legit Crypto currency exchange website where anyone can buy bitcoin or other currencies using ATM cards.

How To Buy Bitcoin instantly With Credit/Debit Cards

Download Luno Mobile App or visit their Website Luno.Com to register an account.
Here, You may need To Confirm Your identity But it’s a good way of buying Bitcoin fast and easy. So follow the necessary steps and hit on the Buy button as soon as your account is setup to start Buying Bitcoin instantly.

Hope the above Post made it easy to buy bitcoin with Bank transfer in Nigeria? Kindly use the share button as more people need to read this post..


⚠The Best Software For Fake Bank Alert

Ever since the invention of fake Alerts, There have been Many Softwares For Fake Bank Alerts online. However, In this post we shall be talking about Flash Funds as the Best Software for sending fake alert both locally and internationally.

In this Article, We Shall be covering below headlines:

  • Understanding How Fake Bank Alert Works
  • How to Make Money From Fake Bank Alert
  • Fake Alert Struggles You should Know

Like i have stated earlier in one of my recent posts, Fake alert has never been so easy without the use of some advanced softwares because one can easily get caught when foolishly done.

Don’t get lost if you are a total newbie on this instance. Let me make it clear by explaining what Fake alert is all about.

Understanding How Fake Bank Alert Works

On a normal Note, Bank do send you messages for every activity which transpired on your account. This messages are what we call bank alert and they are original because they came from the Bank.

Fake Bank Alerts are the Ones that are forged using certain fake alert softwares/app which makes them look real as if they comes directly from the bank.

Back in Those days when Fake bank alerts has not become so popular, people makes money easily as clients don’t border to check their account balance as soon as alerts are received. But as time goes on, they began to notice the existence of fake alerts which made them smarter to keeping close eyes on their balance instead of minding the alerts.

Because of this, when you pay them with fake alert using non advanced tools like loftysms, you will see them like “I got the alert but my balance is the same so please exercise patience while the bank updates my balance” immediately you hear that, you will understand the business has been ruined already. But there’s a remedy using Flash Funds Tool (we shall be talking about that Later)

How To Make Money With Flash Funds – The Best Software for sending fake alert

Like some of you always ask “Sir, How do i make money using this software for fake alert? . This is a question am sure everyone of you reading this post need an answer to.

There are many ways through which one can earn money sending fake alerts. Let me give you some practical clues which i use regularly.

Method 1 – Make Money with Fake Alert

There are Fake Bank Alert softwares like Flash Funds V8.0 which works for almost all countries. Let’s assume you got that ready and installed on your Mobile phone or PC and you are searching for how to earn real money with it. Here’s what we do.

Using Myself as a case study. I have a Boutique Where i Sell Both Male and Female Wears. 80% of what i sell are quality and ordered directly from China through websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. I access the website and get some customers contacts, then i contact and ask for their whatsapp details that I would want to purchase in bulk.

After adding all the products i needed to 🛒 Cart, i will tell them to send me their account details that i want to make payment directly with my China bank Account..

All i do is just open My app and Flash them the exact amount for the product purchased and also show them payment proofs. They will ship the goods as fast as they can having received payment without knowing it’s fake. Before they will realize, the goods has already left China and they will have no means to get them back again.

Apart from Shopping such goods, you can use this method to pay for other items online.

I have used this method to grow my shop so big and one of the best among others in my area. But always remember to be smart in whatever you are doing… That’s by the way.

Method2 – Make Money With Fake Bank Alert

You can equally make Money selling this software or Flashing funds for clients.

I have lots of Importers and whatever whom i help flash Funds whenever they want to run their shits. Many have gotten our apps after sometimes and are no longer our funds flashing clients while others still use our services.

I charge 30$ for flashing bank accounts and even as little as it’s, i know how much i make it total just flashing banks weekly / Monthly.

Another good and easy way to make money is by selling the software. There are many people out there looking forward to get apps/software for flashing funds. You can even sell higher and still find buyers depending on your strategies.

If you can work hard to getting customers who will be willing to purchase software, have you imagined how many millions you can make monthly? (i don’t total my earnings on this but i know I make big money just selling the fake bank alert app here and on social medias. If you decide not to use software, Only selling it and Flashing funds for clients.

Method3 – Make Money Flashing Funds

You can Get real Cash using an advanced software for sending fake alert. All you need is get far away from your current location, Visit any POS office and tell them you want to make Bank transfer.

Flash the amount you would want to collect and they will get the credit alert. Collect the cash and move away without Trace. (this is one reason POS work is very risky this days because when you meet people like us, understand that day means loss to you)

But be careful Not to get caught because if you get caught am sure you understand what will be your lot.

Fake Bank alert Struggles and Solution

Have You even used any software for sending Fake alert? and What was your experience.?

Before the Invention of Flash Funds, Fake alert has always been very risky because of certain factors such as “Bank labels, Sms Formats, Balance update, Delivery time etc

The Latest Version of Flash Funds don’t just send the alert, but it also update the receivers balance with the amount you Flashed. This payment Flashed can only last for 3days after which it will disappear. During this days, if client attempt withdrawing or transferring the Flashed amount in their account, they will get insufficient balance response because the money is just figurative (it’s just a fake digit addup.)

Flash Funds Also deliver on time and send Fake debit alert to any email address of your Choice while your recipient get Credit alert in less than 10 minutes after sending the alert.

This software for sending fake alert gives you room to edit your profile and change details such as Bank name, Bank account number, etc when this setting is done, whoever you flash Funds to will get the message that the payment is sent from the edited profile. And Your Debit alert format will be based on the Bank you selected in your profile page.

Remember that Flash Funds have Just 4 Daily limits. This means, You can Flash any amount but can only flash 4 times per day. So be wise not to waste your limits.

Download Flash Funds – Best Software for Sending Fake Alert

You May Descide To Purchase Flash Funds elsewhere By making Google searches. It’s a popular software and am sure we aren’t the only one selling it. But our price is considerable and very Ohk compared to others. Beside, Our support is always here to help when issues arise.

In addition, we have PDF guide which shows 2 more ways to earn using flash funds and how to stay safe from getting caught. Inside this PDF contains Your Activation Key and quick guide on how to navigate through the Fake alert app.

Cost for Flash Funds Cost 74$

You Will Software and other Details forwarded through email immediately after payment is Confirmed. (Contact Us now To Purchase while software is still working)

If You have Bank Flashing Job you would also want us to help you run, Kindly contact us with your $30 and your Job Details let’s flash any bank of your choice.


⚠How To Make Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

We shall Be Talking Briefly on how to make fake bank alert in nigeria. But before we continue, let’s understand exactly how fake bank alert works.

If You own a bank account, am sure You should know what a bank alert means. In a simple explanation, it’s the messages sent by your bank in regards to the activities which transpired in your account such as Payment received, payment sent out, airtime purchase, Withdrawal, Maintenance fees etc.

When Anything happen in your account wither debit or credit, your bank will always send you alert. These alerts will help keep close eyes on how your account is running even without going to the bank for verification.

Fake Bank Alert then And Presently

Before Now when Sending Fake Bank Alert is yet to go viral, people make payment for goods and services purchased through fake alerts and immediately their clients get alerts even without checking their bank balance, they deliver orders.

As lots of people began to learn how to make fake bank alert in nigeria, it becomes difficult for customers to deliver your orders without seeing the payments in their available balance even if they have gotten the alert from their bank. That’s because “As the birds learn to fly without perching, even the hunters has learnt to shoot without missing”. In order words, the clients are getting wiser every day by day as most of them has been defrauded huge amounts of money through this method so they wouldn’t want afflictions to repeat itself again.

Even as they get wiser, developers also began to bring in more bank Hacking Software. And now we have so many softwares such as Flash Funds which enables you to send bank alerts and get the clients banks updated automatically immediately the alert show up. With this, they won’t even know it’s fake alert until 24hrs or more when the Flashed funds disappears.

In This Post, I will Be showing You One Free and Paid method to send fake bank alerts in Nigeria. Like you already know, there are many disadvantages when it’s free. (we shall be talking about that shortly)

How To Make Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

There are many mobile apps for sending Bulk Sms Messages and they can also be used for fake alerts even though they might not be accurate and very risky. However, if you are looking forward to choosing the best one for use, Kindly check out below guide on how to make fake bank alert in nigeria using EbulkSms

Download and Install EbulkSms on your mobile Device. The app is available on Google Playstore.

Login to Your Account and Navigate to Buy Sms Unit tab then add up some sms units. You can purchase sms units with your ATM card. The price list is on the purchase page.

From the left side Menu, Click On the Send Sms tab and compose your message.

Once your message is sent, you can now wait for it to be delivered.

Dangers In Using The Above Method on How To Make Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

The Above Method is good because it’s Cheap and almost free as you will only be charged for Sms per units. However, it is also important to understand the risks involved when you send Fake alerts using any Bulk sms tool..
Below are some risks you Must Take Note of and also their possible solutions.

  • Bank Balance Remains The Same: When You send Fake alerts using Bulk sms Tools, The owner will only receive it as normal text message bearing their Bank name but the Bank balance will not be updated with the amount sent.

    In that Case, it’s easy for the receiver to figure it’s fake alert unless they don’t really check their bank balance when any payment comes in.

    Almost All clients check their balance even after getting the alert. Especially when the money involved is not very little unless they trust you.

  • Slow Message – Alert Delivery : The Sms Takes Most times 24hrs or even more before it delivers to your receiver. The worse part is that you will be the one asking the clients over and over again if they have seen your alert.

  • Technical Know How: You Must First of all Know how the alert looks like (maybe searching for some templates to get the view of how credit and debit alert looks from the specific banks you want to use), otherwise you might just mess up everything when composing your message.

Perfect Solution To Funds Flashing

Am Sure You must Be asking if there’s any solution to the above so as to make things perfect such as instant delivery, Already made templates for all Banks, Auto Bank Balance updating etc.

There are Many Tools for sending perfect Fake bank alerts without Trace. Clear and clean but most of them are just too costly. Imagine purchasing one app for $1.5K or even more..

The only Best and Cheapest Fake Alert too You can Get online is Flash Funds and it gives everything you need to succeed in Fake alert business. It Cost just $74.

Do You want to Learn More On How Flash Funds App works and How to purchase App for perfection?. Read Post Here about Flash Funds Tool

In Addition To The Above Post, We also wrote in details how to Make Money sending Fake bank alerts. Am sure it’s all you need to succeed in fake sms alert business.
I wish You Best of luck 🤞.