Do You work online but still searching for the best method to get paid from overseas?, Are you a Yahoo Boy who pick Huge Funds regularly But have no means of collecting your Funds without Trace?, Do you have siblings abroad who are willing to send you money easily with less or no charges? Then Cashapp is the best Option.

Ever since the launch of the new and Most trending payment processor “Cash App”, There have been so many questions from Nigerians such as:

  • Can You use Cash App In Nigeria
  • can cash app send money to nigeria
  • Does Cash App Work in Nigeria and other unsupported countries

All these questions is just to learn the fact if Cash App truly work in Nigeria or not. In this post, we shall be discussing in detail if cash app works in Nigeria or not.

You might not be concerned about this if you don’t receive international payments. But if you are the type that most of your Money comes from abroad then you will be curious to know the best methods through which One Can get paid from overseas easily.

What Is Cash App and How Does Cash App work

Cash App is one of the Most recent but trending payment processor which allows You to send and receive payments with just Few clicks.

With Cash app, You Can add Your Card details and fund wallet using card, Bitcoin Money or Bank directly, You can withdraw your Money directly to any USA bank or Bitcoin wallet and you can also send instant payments to other Cash app users.

This Payment process is the best PayPal alternative as it makes it easy for international transactions. But the problem is “Cashapp Don’t support many countries for now” so getting a verified account with them is like passing through the window” Am sure you understand that very well.

Just incase you are wondering what are the Cash app supported countries. Here are they!

Cash App Support Countries

Am very sure you are expecting some very long list of various countries just like when listing PayPal supported countries but so sad, Cash App only supports UK and USA officially.  – 

I understand You are still interested to know how other unsupported countries manage in using The System right?

Let’s discuss that but before then, let me quickly answer your question.

Does Cash App Work In Nigeria?

The above writeup made it clear that Cash app Don’t work in Nigeria for those who are still searching to know if cash app works in Nigeria. However, this does not really mean that people in nigeria can’t use cash app.

Let’s discuss that so you can clearly understand and also learn how people from unsupported countries uses Cash app in sending and receiving money online without issues.

How to Use Cash App From Non Supported Countries

The Most Challenging Part is Getting the account verified because when it comes to creating Cash app account, VPN services Got you covered.

You can use any VPN in making cash app account and it will open without issues but after signing up an account, How then will you verify your details which are currently under pretence and impersonation.? That’s the most challenging part and the reason why many people can’t use cash app from Nigeria and other unsupported countries.

You’ve Got Just Two Options Here When it comes to getting Your account verified. You can follow this Guide to open an account. but below are some steps you should consider for the verification.

  • Colide with some International Friends:

    This entails you having some close friends in US or UK who can give out their details for verification. All you need is make your account using your personal information then use their ID for the verification..

  • Buy Stealth Documents Online:

    Buy the necessary Documents Online and use them for your ID certification. This might cost you more money because buying stealth documents aren’t cheap unless you want to get the quack ones which are likely to get rejected and declined by cashapp.

  • Buy Verified Cash App Account

    : The surest way is buying verified Account. I think this is cheap, better and stress free because only the seller does the whole job and also submit details when done.

    The only challenge is getting the real sellers. But never worry because we got some for you. You can check out Paypalexchanger Services and Hackbanks here to Buy Your verified Cash App account with Ease. They are both legit sellers with different prices. You can checkout anyone best for you or search Google for others at your disposal.

Additionally, If You are Good in making fake documents that looks real, You can just make things up yourself and use it for the verification. But do well to read and understand the verification criterias so you won’t miss it out.

  • When they say Photo ID, It can be driving license, International passport, Work ID etc
  • Make sure You snap and scan your ID properly before submitting to cashapp, They are very sensitive
  • In the Verification process, you will be ask to provide your phone number – You can get some virtual numbers online
  • Remember Your Social Security number is very important as they will surely ask for it
  • Be rest and sure if you Can provide all the necessary details required by cashapp correctly, your account limit will be lifted.

How to withdraw From Cash App in Nigeria

Once your Cash app account is verified, You don’t need to worry about the withdrawal since every verified Cash app account can withdraw through Bitcoin.

With the Cashapp Bitcoin withdrawal method, You can get your Funds out easily irrespective of your location worldwide.

Cash App Transaction Limit

A verified Cash App account can receive unlimited funds daily, weekly or monthly but can only withdraw $2,500 Per Week (for Bitcoin withdrawal).

But for Bank withdrawal, You can withdraw as far as $25,000 Weekly.

For the Bitcoin withdrawal, You will Get getting monthly limit of 2,500 X 4 which is $10K. Am sure that’s enough for any average human (though it all depends on your incomes. But if you intend trading above that using same account then you will have to face whatever comes out of it.)

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